Barbie is fashion doll that has become iconic throughout the years. There has been over a billion of dolls are sold to over 150 different countries all over the world. That makes Barbie the most sought fashion doll of all times. Barbie has influenced social value as well.

Perfect characterization of kind-hearted, bright, and smart female is what most people see in Barbie character. In contrast, some people are still skeptical towards the unrealistic body image. However, the creator has made some changes to fix that issue by launching different types of Barbie doll according to the body proportion.

barbie games

barbie games

Barbie is no longer seen as tall, thin, and flawless doll. Today, there are various Barbie dolls in different body image which are more petite, curvy, and realistic to suit what most people look like in real life.

Barbie doll expansion to game world

Aside from body image issue, Barbie has expanded into larger categories including games. There are numerous games related to Barbie. The games can be played using personal computer, tablet, and even cell phone, especially smartphone. The numbers of Barbie games are huge. The genre of games are also varied and usually based on age wise. Barbie games for kids are different from Barbie games for adults to play.

Barbie games can be differentiated based on the theme as well. For example, there are cooking games, coloring games, puzzle games, dressing up games, and many more.

Playing Barbie game is never boring because they come in various categories. There are many games you can play. You can even play Barbie games for kids no matter what age you are especially the cooking game and fashionista game. Those are always fun to play especially when you have time to spare.

Even though Barbie games are mostly for female, there are also adventurous games you can play if you want something more thrilling or challenging. For your information, adventure games are also varied based on the themes. For examples, there are rescuing games, dream house adventure games, treasure hunt games, and many more.

barbie games

barbie games

Therefore, it is not true if you say that Barbie games are only for kids. Well, everyone can play the games regardless the age. The main purpose is to have fun. Besides, some games are helpful to stimulate brain nerves so the players can think in more creative ways. Pick your favorite Barbie games now and play.