Nov 26
Hijab-Wearing Barbie

The Excitement of Ibtihaj Muhammad Having Her First-Ever-Hijab-Wearing Barbie

One of the inspiring women who made history in 2016 is Ibtihaj Muhammad. She is an Olympic Fencer who was the first member to compete in the US Olympic team in hijab. She apparently doesn’t stop creating another history since she joined Mattel to create a Barbie modeled that looks like her. That team up […]

Nov 22
Old Collections of Barbie Dolls

Making Money from Your Old Collections of Barbie Dolls

Time flies so fast and so is Barbie’s age. Barbie is turning 60 now! This 11.5-inch- tall icon is showing to the world its constant success for being a number one toy. She is still famous fashion doll ever and Mattel already sold more than 100 types every minute. Barbie also has 14 million fans […]

Oct 20
barbie evolution

Barbie Evolution throughout the Years

For a very long time, Barbie has become the most powerful toy fashion doll in the market. It is the pioneer of fashion doll which has become successful in expanding into different market as well. Lots of people love this iconic doll from the start due to its unique and modern characterization. Up till […]

Oct 11
barbie movies

Barbie Movies You’d Like to Watch

Barbie is a toy fashion doll that has become iconic in worldwide culture. It influences social value as well. Lots of children like this certain fashion doll because it teaches life value such as women independence. Barbie is the most successful brand in toy fashion doll market. The company has gained high profit and […]

Oct 10
barbie syndrome

Learn More about Barbie Syndrome

Barbie is a fashion doll that has remained iconic up to this day. The existence of this doll has influence social value. That is why Barbie has become one of influential icon both in social and cultural aspects. This fashion doll is manufactured by American Toy Company Mattel, Inc. This toy fashion doll is the […]

Oct 09
barbie games

Barbie Games You Can Play No Matter What Age You Are

Barbie is fashion doll that has become iconic throughout the years. There has been over a billion of dolls are sold to over 150 different countries all over the world. That makes Barbie the most sought fashion doll of all times. Barbie has influenced social value as well. Perfect characterization of kind-hearted, bright, and smart […]

Oct 08
barbie doll

Types of Barbie Doll You Want To Have As Collections

Barbie has become cultural icon for many years even until now either in positive or negative way. Regardless of the controversies related to body image, Barbie doll remains iconic and many people still love this fashion doll. Since the first launching in 1959, there have been some changes to the physical appearance of Barbie doll. […]

Oct 07
barbie dress

Typical Barbie Dress You Want to Know

Barbie is a fashion doll that was launched for the first time in 1959. This doll has become cultural icon throughout the years regardless the controversies. Since this is fashion doll, it is not surprising to know that lots of people are mostly interested in Barbie dress aside from its overall look. The typical of […]